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Toro 22" manual

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Hi all,
I was given a fairly new toro 190 cc walk behind mower. I can seem to find the model number and want to change the oil. There is a sticker on the base that says use OPTI-4 4 cycle oil. Is that a must? and how much does it hold? It's probably like a 2008 year. What type do I put in?

Burr Head
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I Googled "2008 Toro models", and came up with Model 20065. You can get a parts breakdown from Toro here;

Choose a serial number from the batch and get a manual from Toro here;

If this is your mower, it has this engine on it. Briggs and Stratton 124T02-0161-B1

Here's the manual for it.

It should take 18 to 20 oz of oil.

If it isn't the right one, the model and serial numbers should be on a label near the back of the deck.

Hope that helps.
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That is probably an aftermarket sticker that the previous owner or a shop put on the engine after an oil change in which they used that brand of oil. I would not hesitate to use another good quality oil. I do not know if Opti-4 oil is synthetic, tho it may very well be, in which case I would consider using a synthetic when you change the oil. The owners manual which you can download will tell you the viscosity recommended. Good luck!
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