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Hello, I have a Toro 22" Personal Pace self-propelled mower. The model number is 20332, and the S/N is 310043381. While I was cutting my grass today, the engine died. I was able to get it to start again; but when I pushed the handle in to engage the drive, the engine died. The engine runs fine and the blade turns as long as I don't push the handle in to engage the drive. Any ideas what the problem could be would be welcome. Thanks!

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Hi todpin, welcome to MLMF, thanks for your question, and thanks for including such good information about your mower. It helps a lot.

I looked at the owner's manual for your mower, and I see that your Personal Pace has what is referred to as a zone start system for starting the engine. That is, you have to depress a lever at the handle bar, and then pull the starter rope to start your mower. When you release that lever, the mower engine stops.

From the serial number it looks to be a 2010 model. Here is my best guess, though others might have better information for you.

The parts list shows two cables on your mower. One for the Personal Pace, and the other attached to the lever that you use to start and stop the engine. That second one most likely activates a switch that shuts the engine off, as well as a brake on the flywheel to stop the blade from rotating. Since the Personal Pace involves moving a large part of the upper handle to adjust the speed, and since the lever to start the engine is attached to that portion of the handle, the two cables move together. It is possible that a bit of adjustment is necessary as the cable that is attached to the lever to start and stop the mower might be moving forward enough when you push the handle to propel the mower to cause the engine to shut off. Page 18 of the copy of the owner's manual I looked at explains how to adjust the drive cable.

Hope that helps. Please let us know how things go for you.
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