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Would be very helpful for a illustration or explanation of how my self propel works. Manual from toro is not clear to me. Not mechanically adept.Thank you.
Not being mechanically inclined your probably best served making the simple checks such as the belt being tight, not broke or slipped off the pulleys, etc. If nothing obvious shows up there, then taking it to a repair shop. They are not terribly complicated yet there's a fair number of small parts, washers, clips, pins, and gears internally that have to be disassembled and reassembled in a specific order and rotational direction for them to work proper.

Going by your model number it looks to be a single speed. So in other words the belt slips to allow slower speeds and at maximum speed the belt is tight on both pulleys. You could try turning the pulley on top of the gear box by hand and see if the axles to the wheels turn slowly. If they don't turn then the problem is internal in the gear box. If the axles to the wheels do turn but one or both wheels do not turn then the problem is probably where the axle has a gear on the end that meshes with teeth on the inside of the wheel. Some models have (and I think yours is one of them) a final gear that drives the wheel with a clutch mechanism of sorts that allows the mechanism to release so the mower can be more easily pulled backwards.

Clear as mud? ;)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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