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Toro 20382 vs 20381

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I'm in the market for a new lawnmower this winter. I've settled on the Toro Super recycler series. As best I can tell the only difference between the 20382 and 20381 is the engine The more expensive 20382 has the Honda 160 cc engine.

I'm torn because while I'm well aware of Honda's great durability record, I've heard some contrasting info on this motor. My neighbor is a small engine mechanic for a golf course. He told me to stay away from the 160cc Honda, because they use some inferior parts on that engine and they've had several puke on them. Naturally they're using it commercially and I have a whopping 1/4 acre to mow. He said the 190cc is their better engine. Doesn't matter it's not a choice.

The 20381 is $50 less and has the Toro engine. Bit of a mystery where they're made, possibly China. I have a Chinese
engine on my 4 year old snow blower and it's taken a pounding (no more Tecumseh). Their engines are supposedly becoming very good. You have that 5 year warranty either way. I'm new here, hello to all.
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Hello Billyb and welcome to MLF! We have some sharp Honda engine guys here who would know a lot about those engines and will surely give you some advice on which way to go on those two engines. Meanwhile check out the forums and enjoy your stay here and thanks for stopping by. :)
Did you ever consider a good second-hand mower? There are still good Toro mowers to be had that have the lightweight aluminum deck and either the Tecumseh or Briggs engine, both of which will last a very long time if regularly maintained. You wouldn't have to shell out as much money for a steel deck and an engine that is mounted sideways or backwards and is unnecessarily over-engineered. Just my two cents....
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