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timed out

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I am new to this forum and look forward to enjoying it alot. I do have a question to begin with. I am currently working on a friends craftsman mower, that he has hit somthing very hard with. In the past he had the flywheel key replaced. After dis-assembly, I found that the key was intact but mis-shaped abit. I installed a New key but it still acts like it is out of time. Is it possible that he might have spun the cam or other internal parts.:confused:
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Welcome to MLMF, antlerdancer!

After you replaced the shear key...did it run, or try and run? Does it backfire through the carburetor?

If you have a dial indicator you might try and see if the flywheel has run-out. You can do this with a cordless (or corded) hand drill and socket to fit the flywheel bolt. If the dial indicator has more that .015"-.020"- then Austen may be correct and your friend might have bent the crankshaft enough to permanently disturb the timing...
I think you're right about too much play. I'm thinking, other than remove and replace the flywheel and guessing the best spot, you might be much better off finding a good replacement flywheel.

The flywheel is on a I.D. taper, right?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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