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timed out

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I am new to this forum and look forward to enjoying it alot. I do have a question to begin with. I am currently working on a friends craftsman mower, that he has hit somthing very hard with. In the past he had the flywheel key replaced. After dis-assembly, I found that the key was intact but mis-shaped abit. I installed a New key but it still acts like it is out of time. Is it possible that he might have spun the cam or other internal parts.:confused:
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I should have added that it is a techumsa mdl#143.996704. 6.75 H.p.
Thanks for the replys. I checked the crank with my homemade dial indicator (a nail and a magnet) and it appears to be true. What I did find is that there is 3/32in. of play in the flywheel due to a widend keyway in the flywheel.Am I correct to assume that this is the culprit? Is there a way to advance or retard the timing with this,or is it a lost cause and needs to be replaced. Again,THANKS for the help.
Thanks,Mark,for your input.After talking to the owner of said machine,and looking at the condition of the deck,the owner decided to scrap the machine.:mad: Looks like I have some more spare parts.:) Thank again.
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