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The gas in my toro timecutter 14-38 flows freely from the tank through the carb to the head.

Cleaned carb bowl and replaced float, which was probably fine.

Still doing it, carb fills with gas and then fills head of engine. . . even when engine off.

Could this be the fuel solenoid ? Is this a common problem?

Any suggestions welcome, weekend warrior here, not a mechanic.

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Sure sounds like a float problem. But one other possibility that comes to mind would be if it has a vacuum operated fuel pump. The vacuum to operate the pump is commonly taken from one of the valve covers. I suppose that would be another way fuel could be getting in there.

Servicing the fuel pump | Frequently Asked Questions | Customer Support | Briggs & Stratton

I think the most common failure of the fuel solenoids is from not opening up or an electrical issue preventing them from getting power to open.

Inspecting the anti-afterfire solenoid | Frequently Asked Questions | Customer Support | Briggs & Stratton
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