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Throttle adjustment on honda hrb216hxaa

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Hello. I have a honda hrb216 hxaa mower with a gcv160 engine. I can't figure out how to fine tune the engine speed. Below is a photo of the control plate/governor spring area. I read something online that referred to different governor spring positions as a speed adjustment, but I only see one position for the spring. Is there a screw adjustment somewhere that I am missing?

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You don't need to be changing the position of any springs. What is it you are trying to adjust? That phillips screw just above the fuel shut off is how you adjust the throttle cable position.
I am trying to adjust the top speed. Currently is it running 2800 rpm no-load and would like to tune it to 3100.
Hello crosstalk, just wanted to jump in and say welcome to MLF. Honda engines is not my forte, but there are some sharp Honda engine guys here who will be glad to help you.
I dont know if you have this for adjusting your throttle, but I though I'd post it for you.

View attachment Throttle adjust honda hrb216.pdf
Thanks a lot. I think the owner's manual has these instructions or something similar. I will check this again. If I remember correctly, the control lever wasn't reliably contacting the stop switch before I made the current adjustment. Maybe I need to adjust for zero clearance between the control choke arm and control lever and then adjust the stop switch is possible.
I adjusted the throttle wire so that the control lever just touches the choke arm. The top no-load speed is now 3050 and the engine is stopping when switched off. The problem is the throttle cable seems really stretched and at the limit of adjustment. Probably needs to be replaced at some point.
Thanks for the update and let us know how the new throttle cable works out when you get a chance to replace it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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