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I'm new to these forums. So have patience with me. I was an electronic tech for the FAA, for 35 years. Have also been to antique clock repair.

Now I'm trying to keep my daughter, (single mom) JD 160 working. Finally got the charging circuit working had to replace the regulator. Found the 20A fuse melted into the holder. Cut it out and replaced the whole thing.

Now the machine seems to be jerking while it's in gear. Almost like the clutch is grabbing and then slipping. I replaced the main drive belt to the transmission and it still does the same thing. I thought maybe the belt was slipping.

After looking at the parts breakdown it doesn't seem like there is any way for the thing to be slipping and grabbing.

Please anybody all ideas are welcomed.

Lot's of good info on site, keep the good work going, we're all here to learn

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