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The King's Collection

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The first commercial .... my 6250

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Nice collection! I really like the photo of your line up.

Those are some really nice machines! Do you use the ones that are restored or enjoy keeping them spotless?

Thanks for sharing your collection with us!
I had no idea, but that's awesome how that one is so rare! What a great collector piece. How did you come across it?
I like that first picture. The photo looks so professional, like it would've been the cover picture for its original brochure. Especially with the attachments along side it and everything.

I remember the one in the middle photo. You had it literally looking like it belonged on the showroom floor, I couldn't believe you sold it! :)

I honestly don't really know diddly-squat about LB's, but I do know that I like the look of the bricktops...
1 - 3 of 31 Posts
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