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The first commercial .... my 6250

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My near mint original 6276 .. sorry handle was not on yet

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A small portion of the The Commercial Kings kingdom .......

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Maybe something newer ....

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My restorations all run , but I do not use them. The ones not restored I do use.
They are ... I also belong to my tractor forum , this is only the 3rd one they ever saw . 1964 is a long survival rate for a lawnmower , especially a commercial one !
I had no idea, but that's awesome how that one is so rare! What a great collector piece. How did you come across it?
A member from my tractor forum saw it on his area craigslist and asked me if I wanted it . That was an easy decision . I paid $75 for it and he sent it to me at cost . These forums are great places .
9 non commercial , 8 BRICKTOP commercial , and 3 non bricktop commercials ... most non commercials I will sell , including these Craftsman ... one is a parts mower , the other does not run ... I did not try too hard .

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Please tell me your in Central Florida..... :) Those are cool, you could show them a little mercy, they are green..:bag:
South western Pa .. north of Pittsburgh ... Dad has a condo down in Naples though :party
Thanks for all the pic King! I was going to ask you to put a bunch of pictures up at MTF, but I see that you have your collection posted here in one spot. For those of you who haven't seen the King's restorations in progress, he has a few threads at that are really good.
Thank you , here is an updated picture I use as my background on my Facebook page:

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Thats a nice brick wall you have built there! :ThumbUp:
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