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Tecumseh V60 rebuild

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I was planning on rebuilding a Tecumseh V60 engine since they are so hard to find.

I have all the needed parts, new piston/rings/pin, new rod, new oil pump, new valves, gaskets ect.

The problem I have is once I had it honed out to the maximum diameter I could go, there are still a couple of score's in the cylinder wall. The current clearance from the cylinder wall to the piston skirt is 0.005 inches which according to the book is the maximum I can go.

I really don't want to go spend upwards of $70 for an oversize piston, so the question I have is do you think it is that big of a deal just to put it together as is with a couple of score's on the cylinder wall?

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Hello and welcome to the forum, Dakotafig!

It's been my experience that to a purist restorer that these details would be unacceptable. Mating parts to the correct tolerances of the machine work would be a must for them.

In the real world ;), where we need our 'stuff' to use and not show, you should be quite happy with the results, progress and performance...even with slight traces or flaws in the cylinder walls. Pretty sure too, once you assemble your machine it will run like a champ.

I'll be looking forward to your rebuild posts and any pictures if you gottem'.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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