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Does anyone have experience with the Tecumseh vertical shaft mower engines? I'm speaking specifically about the LAV. LEV, TVS, and OVRM aluminum small blocks to about 200cc.

I have a TVS115 and it's a special type, there is no other replacement option because this has a special half-moon sump closure plate. The reason for this is it bolts to a chipper/vac and the chipper chute sits astride the right of the engine. It's in close, so the OHV version is out of the question and so is any other potential replacement with a carb on the right. The carb and the exhaust both need to be on the left.

My question is, what other Tecumseh's take this sump pan bolt pattern? Would a 12cubic inch version bolt up?
The engine I have is a Sears Eager 1, It a 5 HP, 11.5 CI, L-head, from the 1994-95 era, and it's blown. Does anyone have a running short block available?
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