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tecumseh help

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I have an older tecumseh push mower and it starts fine but runs at a very fast speed cant figure out how to slow it down the throttle cable was froze,So i took it off and moved it by hand and it does nothing,Is there a govener agjustment?Any help would be greatful thanks...:confused:
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The governor on push mowers is usually controlled by a little metal vane that's blown by the cooling air. Have a look to see if it's distorted or jammed by grass clippings.
I had and old Tecumseh on my JD, from 1979. It had a mechanical governor inside the crank case. If that is the problem, you will have to tear it all the way down. The parts for the old Tecumseh's are getting harder to find. I personally think the best place for them is the scrap pile. That's where mine went and I crossed over to Briggs. On the bright side, maybe the arm on the governor shaft came loose and you should be able to get it set again. I have written down how to do that, I just need to find it again. Let me know if that would help.
Is there a rod and spring that goes from the governor lever to a flat piece of metal that is sticking up bolted to the intake manifold? If so, you bent this piece to put more or less tension on the spring to control governed RPM.

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I like the pic, its worth a thousand words. Things to check.
Does the carb butterfly work freely when engine is not running? It should have some free movement.
Is the connecting rod in the correct hole in the butterfly? I count 5 holes in this pic.
Is the other end of the connecting rod in the correct hole on the mechanical governor? Usually the top hole.
Take a pic of you goveror linksage and post it.
Thanks for all the help it was the holes in the bolt that holds the bowl on the jets were like a champ i would never throw a tecumseh away very good engines.Thanks again all.

Glad it worked out for you! I guess I was a little biased. My old Tecumseh drove me to distraction. I suppose every brand has it's lemons.:cool
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