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I have an OLD, and I mean REALLY OLD Tecumseh 6 HP engine that was on a Troy Bilt Horse Tiller that my mother bought the summer after I graduated high school and left home. She and my step dad still kept a garden for a while, but downsized it considerably when the last teenager (me) left home and the grocery bill was a lot lower.

I re-powered the Horse with a Harbor Freight Predator engine. I'm not quite sure why anyone complains about those, because I've had nothing but great service from it on that tiller.

What I'd love to do, though, is completely restore the old Tecumseh because it's a cast-iron block with aluminum flat-head, no OHV. I'm pretty sure the valves run right on the cam, and it doesn't even use lifters at all. It might, but engines that small typically don't. It's blowing by the rings really badly because my mom left it sitting for nearly 15 years after my step-dad had a stroke and they just quit gardening altogether. A few years back, she was diagnosed with cancer, and all of us knew the end of the story long before we picked up the book, because it was pancreatic and intestinal cancer, and was spreading very rapidly. So, she asked us all to come get what we wanted from the house, and I decided I'd get the old Horse and restore it, sort of a keep-sake and heirloom for my own son and maybe grand kids down the road. If I just got it to use constantly, I probably wouldn't bother with the Tecumseh at all, but as you might guess, it would certainly have more sentimental value to me if I could restore the original engine, not to mention, it would be 45 years old and a very operable antique.

So the question is, does anyone have a source for vintage Tecumseh parts? I tried the Tecumseh site, and its answers are all answers I don't want. "Out of Production" "No Longer Supported", etc, etc. I could easily ring this thing and hone the cylinder, but before I go into it, I want to know I can get rod/cam bearings if I need them. I don't need another project that I can't finish, so I haven't loosened the first bolt on it yet.

Any suggestions/references for parts? I'm pretty sure the manufacturing date was 1974 or 1975, and it's probably a long shot, but I'd really like to find OE parts for it for the restoration.
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