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Tecumseh carb overflowing

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I have a 6.5 hp tecumseh that i just rebuilt the carb on and now when its not running, gas pours out the air filter side of the carb. Its pours out of a port right beside the choke butterfly.I traced it to the chamber under the welsch plug in the bowl. Ive checked the needle and seat and they seem to be sealing good. I have adjusted the float and it has no fluid in it at all. The motor runs good just drains the gas tank when not running. Why would it be doing this?
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First off, Welcome to MLF!

OK, now lets see, if you have gas coming out of your carb while in non running mode, it is getting past the needle and seat. Check to make sure you did not put the needles seat in upside down or nicked it during installation.

It is possible that when you re-install the fuel line on the ribbed nipple on the carb that small pieces of the interior portion of the hose could enter the carb and get stuck in the needle/seat area. Always a good idea to put a fresh cut or replace the fuel hose from the filter (if installed) to the carb once you remove it. If the chamber overfills with fuel inside the carb that is where the fuel will come out as well as into the crankcase over time. You will find your oil level higher than usual.

I just had a 6.5 that looked overfilled by 3/4 a qt of oil, it was gas caused by a saturated float.

I'd recheck those areas. BTW, If you are not sure the seat goes in ribbed side first where the letter/numbers on the seal face out toward the needle.
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I will check to see if I installed it upside down or not. Although when I blow through the ribbed nipple on the carb and manually push the float up, It takes very little effort to push before it closes off and no more air will blow through. I also did replace the fuel line and did a good cleaning as well. When I take the carb off it still seems to be clean. But it does only take one little peice of trash to mess it up.Thanks.
Make sure the long end of the clip for the needle points toward the air intake (choke) end of the carb. If not it could cause binding and not let the needle seat properly.
Verify that your float is adjusted too. I believe you can use a 11/64" drill bit on its side between the rim of the housing and the furthest part of the float away from the hinge.

Could you give me the model of your carb and type so I'm not missing something?
You probably have the series 9 carb, or one very similar. here is a walk through on the teardown. Look at the notes on the fuel bowl orientation. If you don't have it turned right it can cause the float to drop down too far and get hung open.
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