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I was wondering how many technicians out there use a check list when servicing a machine?

Do you own and use a leakdown tester?

Do you use a Hydraulic flow tester?

I swear by my leakdown tester and hydraulic flow meeter but I hear so many say they are not needed. I would like to hear what is thought about these tools and how you might get around using them on customers machines.

Thank you


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I don't have those testers, but I am not a commercial concern. When doing a service or tuneup on a customers machine, I think that a checklist is a great tool. So easy to skip one step that could cause considerable issues.

Do you have a checklist? Can you possibly scan and post a copy here? Might be helpful for even the homeowners.

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I have an old automotive compression tester which is all but useless on small engines anyway I think. That is about it aside from several feeler gauges. I only work on my own or families things. Carb issues and an occasional ignition problem is about as deep as I go most of the time.
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