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I Have 3 lawnboys all 2-cycles.A model 7260a,serial no.6094125.I presume the last letter pertains to certain carbs.I think that means it is an F. I need to know how to get the plate or cover off so as i can change the magneto or electric ign.
I also have a model no.10301 serial no.3938153 and a model no.10518 serial no. 6905992. The 10301 runs good but the 10518 doesn't start.I was told by a lawnboy dealer that it was froze up. If thats true is it possible to switch and put the 10301 motor and carb on the 10518 that has the much better non rust frame? I really want to use the non rust frame because it is like new and self-propelled. I hope i haven't confused you too much. Thanks for any advice. I bought the 7260a from my brother who used to work at Outboard Marine Corp. Galesburg,Ill. where it was made. thanks very much.

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Here is the info on your machine:

It's a 1972 with a D408 engine. If you look at the parts diagram at you will get a good idea of the assembly of this model. Should be pretty straight forward.

10518 is an F engine

10301 is a V engine. You might be able to mount the V on the 10518 chassis, but will have to use mounting plate, etc.

Take a good look at that 10518. If it isn't totally destroyed, you might be able to free it up. Doesn't hurt to try!
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