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Interesting, and probably a very realistic view Yardman.

Personally, I’ve never been one to keep up with the Jones’s. Originally, I moved in with a little Murry 12HP RER. What’s caused me to commit to another machine, newer or bigger is it’s design capabilities…and limitations. For instance, when I bought this property I would have been quite happy with my little Murry but it couldn’t keep up with my 2.2 acres so I purchased a Craftsman LT4000. It mows grass just peachy. It didn’t take long to realize that in addition to mowing, I have several muture trees, and with these trees comes lots of dead-fall, leaves and (with the pine trees) pine straw.

It became quickly evident that 2 weeks per month I had to pull a cart. I spent collecting fallen branches, pruning trees, raking leaves, toting pitch fork, rakes and all the goodies that accompany a chain saw (gas, bar oil, 2 cycle oil etc.)….which made the cart too heavy for the little Craftsman. Once again, time to make a decision to replace the Craftsman or add something more suitable to do everything BUT the mowing.

I found a Yanmar diesel tractor and with my DIY (limited) skills, either added to, or made a rake, box blade, rotary cutter (brush hog), front end loader and tiller. Plus it will pull any size trailer with the 2” ball welded to my box blade. But…it absolutely will not mow grass ;).

I retired the Craftsman just a few months ago and replaced it with an almost new Husqvarna 48” Hydrostatic drive. It was 3.1 hours old and came with a blown Kohler 24 HP Courage engine. Which is a whole new story….
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