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Bet that got your attention...

So I was out mowing yesterday. I do most of my pondering while sitting on my mower. I have never really understood the whole SUV thing. If you live in or near any large city, you'll notice that most of the vehicals sitting in front of you in that traffic jam are SUVs. Not just SUVs, but 4X4 SUVs. Why? What do those city folks need with a 4X4 SUV? Where are they going to get stuck? Minivans are much more versiatile. Have you ever taken the seats out of an SUV? In a minivan, they fold into the floors now. Minivans get better gas milage and maintenance is much more affordable. But minivans are not sexy! Apparently, SUVs are sexy. Right? That's what marketing would have you believe.

What does this have to do with a mowing forum? I know you are asking...

Tractor style mowers are the SUV of our hobby. Dare I say ZTRs are the Minivans? That's not sexy, and ZTRs are very sexy! But what is the deal with all these tractor style mowers?

I'm not talking about Garden Tractors! If you NEED a 4X4 to get around and not get stuck, that's what you need. If you need a Garden Tractor to till your garden or move some dirt, that's what you need. But to mow grass, a tractor just isn't the best vehical. So why does every big box store carry five tractor style mowers to every ZTR? Marketing. That's what is selling, right? "I look sexy sitting on a tractor..." But it's a MOWER, it's NOT a tractor.

If nothing else, maybe this post will spur a little activity on the ZTR forum. I really thought there was more of a market for ZTR info, but looking at the stats, maybe I was wrong.
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