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A big congrats to bwhitsonjr for making MLF's 2015 MOTQ!!

"This is the best machine I've owned"
It was a fun journey following along bwhitsonjr's quest for a new lawn tractor. He made a smart decision by joining MLF and choosing to seek the guidance from MLF's finest in order to make the best informed decision.

His expressive enthusiasm that he shares in his posts is always a welcome site in any thread!

1. What can you tell us about yourself?
I come from a working class family.... Everyone pulled their weight and I didn't have anything given to me. I learned the value of a dollar and take care of my things to the best of my ability. Dad always told me you should always treat someone elses's property better than you would your own.

2. Can you describe your property?

Small in terms of some I've seen. Front, side and back yard are about 1/2 acre total. Flat Texas plains are easy to keep :)
3. What consists of your fleet?
The one and only I need is an LTX1046 KW Cub Cadet with a hunger for all things green....

4. What do you do for a 9-5 job?
Locksmith work keeps us (the family) busy from Automotive to Commercial and Industrial. We do it all. Safes as well. You hear a lot of stories and you'd never believe how many people loose all their keys on a daily basis.

5. What are your first memories of lawn mowers, or what got you started?
Like most a grandpa or in my case a grandma on a RER Snapper. My primary job consisted of knocking down the dirt mounds from burrowing crayfish with a golf club or bat..... Oh and picking up pinecones from that big tree in the front yard. Ah!

6. What was your first lawnmower and do you still have it?
Snapper push mower with rear-wheel drive. It's gone on where all the other lawn mowers go, or if their lucky they end up at Eric's house Hehe :)
7. Reel or rotary type mower and why?
Rotary for me. Nothing against reel I just don't want to have to deal with all the grass clippings!

8. In a world where money is no object, describe your "perfect" lawnmower.
A nice big tractor with an enclosed cab for a/c and heat. CD Player and DVD Player along with satellite of course and a messaging/reclining chair. AWD, cruise control, and that should do it.

9. What brought you to MLF and what do you like about it most?
Some knowledge and learning about how to better care for my mower, lawn, and make repairs myself if necessary. What I like most are the admins/moderators leading the site. Friendly, helpful and personal. It starts at the top and it shows! A genuine feel that these guys really want to help!

10. What are your other hobbies?
R/C cars/trucks, quadcopters and all things related. Computers, car repair. I like to be seasoned in a little of everything. I'll never claim to be an expert but I like a challenge and with the help from guys like you I normally can figure it out. :)

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Congratulations! :bravo:I'd just like to say that you're contributions to MLF since you joined us have been truly appreciated. Being named MOTQ is well deserved. We'll look forward to hearing from you often in the future.

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Congrates Brian! I even made a cameo! :)
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Congratulations Brian!
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