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STX38 Seat Brace Missing part?

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I have 2 stx38 Hydro's. The 38 has an issue where if you ride side hills much the green steel brace that is bolted to the frame under the seat breaks at the bolt, letting the entire seat flop around. What's so interesting is that this part is not listed anywhere in the parts list. Not under the seat, not under the front panel, not under the frame. Yet it breaks all the time. I can;t post a query for the part cause there is no part number.

Any suggestions or help will be appreciated. If you looked at a picture of a striped down 38, you would see this small bracket right in front of the battery hole and behind the deck lever arm.....under where the seat goes.
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First off welcome to MLF. If you could get the model # and any information and post it we can see what we can find. I am on my phone now but I'll try to find something for you!
Welcome to the site!

It looks like it's part #: M123990

I would probably purchase a used one off of Ebay.
Thanks, but it is not the seat bracket. It is the green steel brace attached to the body. I can't find a part number for that.....
Could you possibly take a picture of it or two and post it and the Model# too?
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