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Stihl leaf blower issue

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Need a little help. I have a Stihl BG55 leaf blower. It is about 5 years old. My issue is when I am using the blower, it loses power. I will be running it wide open and the power will drop off. I can let off the throttle and hit wide open and it will go fine. It will lose power again. I will let off and have full power. Any suggestions??
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First thing I would check would be the air filter to confirm that it is not clogged.

The carburetor though may be a little gunked up inside and need to be cleaned. Another thing to check would be the fuel pickup/filter inside the tank.
May also try tightening the 4 screws holding the carb in place. Have the same blower and had the exact problem you described. Changed fuel filter, etc. But that didn't fix it.
So, I assume I may have had a slight air leak. Tightening the screws solved it for me.
Good luck
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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