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starting problem JD

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My father asked me to look at his john deere sabre 14.5 hp rider. i dont know much about lawnmowers, but am somewhat mechanically inclined. the mower would not start upon my arrival, and hadnt for some time. i put the two batteries on a trickle charger neither even made the lights come on. so then i tried to jump the mower with my truck, nothing.. any thoughts i could use some assistance
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Greetings 6gsxr6, and welcome to the forum.

Sounds to me like there is a wiring or switch issue. Does anything at all happen when you turn the key? The absolute first thing I would do is take off the ground cable where it connects to the frame and clean that connection. Then, do the same with the positive connections. You say 2 batteries. Do you mean you tried 2 different batteries with the same results?

To jump ahead 2 steps try this. Hook a jumper cable from ground post on your truck to the engine of the mower. Put the tractor in neutral, turn off the blades! Touch the positive cable from the truck + side to the starter side of the solenoid. Be prepared, cause it will turn the engine over immediately. After you verify that things are alive, start cleaning all connections on the cables and switches.
Yea two different batteries and nothing at all happens ill head out now and try
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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