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Starter spins as soon as battery is hooked up

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Hello all. First post. (actually second post, I posted this in the general section before I saw there was JD specific section...anywho...)

In an effort to fix an intermittent no-crank problem with my JD 175 Hydro, I have taken apart and cleaned all electrical connections. In the process, I took all the wires off the starter solenoid to clean and reinstall. Now, when I go to hook the battery back up, my starter spins - even with the key off. The starter doesn't engage the flywheel, it just spins freely.

I must have a short somewhere in the solenoid/starter, but I don't know how or where it's happening?? I can't imagine that I put the wires on wrong, as there isn't too much to hook up. I've also taken the little purple wire off the solenoid, and doing that doesn't help the situation.

Any help is appreciated! I'm pulling my hair out here.
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Welcome to the forum! without a diagram in front of me it sounds like something is definitely crossed up. Sounds like you have a small amount of voltage going to the starter, just enough to spin it but not enough to kick out the bendix. Do you have a model/ser # handy?
Welcome to the forum, jdeere175hydro!

I have to agree with Five Points about trace voltage either bypassing the remote solenoid or, maybe a short or stuck solenoid feeding your starter. Need a bit more information to help.
Thanks for the replies.

A little more info:

I did take the solenoid off the starter motor while cleaning up the connections. I don't know if it's possible to assemble the solenoid onto the starter motor incorrectly, but thought I would mention this.

My 175 Hydro (not sure how old it is, it's been in the family quite a while) has a Kawasaki engine, and I believe the starter motor was made by Denso. The p/n for the starter motor is AM104559; the p/n for the solenoid is AM102577.

Last night I took my multimeter and put the leads across the + post on the solenoid and touched the other lead to ground, and it indicated a closed circuit.
Do you have the tractor model# and ser#? It will help get the right diagram.

On your multimeter test did you check for voltage (not continuity) on the post of the solenoid that goes straight to the starter? Their should only be voltage going to the starter when you turn the key switch to the start position.

The best way to trouble shoot this might be to start at starter looking for voltage and work your way back. You could take the main cable going to the starter off and then check and see if it has voltage? If it does your problem might not be in the starter

I doubt you put the starter together wrong, once again, there should not be any voltage there in a non start situation.
I found an electrical diagram labeled for a 175 that might help. Sometimes the electrical diagrams vary some based on serial number but it is probably pretty close.

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Thanks for the help guys.

I got it working last night. After seperating the starter and solenoid again last night, I think I did previously have them assembled together incorrectly.

Thanks again.

Now I need to figure out why my mower is fouling plugs every season.
Good deal!, thanks for the update

Are plugs oil fouled or burning to rich fouled? Briggs recommends changing every 100 hrs or every season, whichever comes first...Use your judgement on that one.. :)
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