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Stalls under load

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I have a Professional G Series riding tractor. Recently I finished rebuilding the transmission --- a very bumpy and rough, long road --- and got the tractor going again. It has been idle for over two years, but it started easily but ran roughly.

I cleaned the carb and reset the needles, but the tractor stalls when I try to run at a higher speed when in "high" range. It works fine under low speed in the "low" range. I suspect it is not getting enough gas. The fuel filter is clean and I can see the gas trickling through it. Everything I can think of checks out.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

All responses appreciated, Thanks.
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Does it stall when you run it at high throttle or does it only happen when you're in high gear?
stalls under load

It tried to stall when running under high speed in the high range. I adjusted the carb and ran it again. This time is backfired while running at high speed even on level ground. It did not backfire when shutting off.

I suspect either it requires more complete carb work or the points/condensor are shot. I need help here.

Hope this info helps.
I did a thorough job on the carb and blew out the gas lines. And after tinkering with the clutch adjustments. It runs like a charm now.

Thanks for the interest. I appreciate it.
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