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Heeeeeeeeeeere's occupant!

Sadly I only own one mower right now. And it is dead. This is what happens when your (at the time) 6 year old wishes to "help daddy" by refilling the fuel tank with none other than city tap water.

This was a beautiful fully restored Sensation 20" mower circa 1974, in Sea Foam Green with a white Briggs & Stratton 3.5hp putter. It was a good mower, and I was sad to see it get killed like that. Fortunately everything can be fixed. It might be simpler just to drop another engine on it, though. So I'm looking into that and I'd have to paint it white so it looks right since almost every engine out there now is silver, black, red, orange, or something OTHER than white. Didn't use to be that way...*gets all nostalgic for a minute and smells the freshly cut grass in his mind's nose*

What's done, is done. Even the glory of Rome had to come to an end. *looks off into the middle distance*

There's a small engine repair shop in Hubbard about 8 miles south of me. Maybe they have something old and white that still kicks over. We'll see.
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