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Spindle bearing grease

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I am replacing the spindle bearings (MTD 941-0524) on a old Murray riding mower and have a question about how much grease (if any) should be used. The spindle does not have zerk fittings yet there seems to always be some amount of grease on the spindle shaft. The new ball bearings are sealed. Thanks in advance for your help and Merry Christmas to all.
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That's a good question, WTC. I'm afraid I can't answer that, but I'll bet someone that can will be along soon.

Merry Christmas to you, too!
Are the new bearings and shaft separate or one complete bolt in unit?

If it is the complete unit I would probably leave well enough alone with the grease the manufacture put in there. By trying to put in additional you might run the chance of opening up the seals for dirt to get in. If they are not a complete assembly I would put some grease around them along with putting a skim on the shaft before assembly.

That is only my non-official jack of all trades guess. ;)
I am putting new bearings (2) on the old shaft. The bearings are a whole lot cheaper than a new spindle assembly. I do believe that you are correct in leaving the bearings alone and putting a light film on the shaft itself. I was hoping to hear from someone who has done this so many times that they think this is a dumb question. :)
Merry Christmas to you and yours.
You don't want the bearing to spin on the shaft. You want the inner race to hold to the shaft and bearings and races to do the spinning. I wouldn't put much lubricant between the shaft and inner bearing race.
Thanks Orangedotfever, your instructions make perfectly good sense. Merry Christmas.
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