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Some News!

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Greetings, folks! I would like to make a couple of announcements regarding staff promotions. But first, I'd like to thank all the moderators, members, and site owners for making this all possible. I think that the forum has taken off nicely, gotten answers for people looking for help, and kept the friendly atmosphere that was envisioned at the sites' inception. My hat is off to Philip, our VerticalScope Laison, who has helped promote the site, given us suggestions, guidance, and bailed us out of a few "Oh-Shucks" moments.

Anyway, Mark777 has agreed to help administer the forum. Not that it takes too much to keep it running smoothly, but in the case of an emergency it is always better to have 2 options instead of just 1. Mark has been an administrator on for about 9 months now and has done a great job. Taking on that duty here at MLMF will seem like a vacation to the time and effort he puts for over there.

I would also like to congratulate Mark / Ohio on his acceptance of a Super-Moderator position here. Mark is very active on the forum and put a lot of effort in getting answers to the questions that arise. I am very much appreciative of the work he does here, as I am of all the moderators. The site really does run smoothly, but members have problems and questions for which they need assistance and the moderators are always ready to lend an experienced hand or offer a suggestion to address those issues.

Thank-you guys, and Good Luck!
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Great work guys!! Thanks for all of your time that you put into keeping the site going.

MLMF is on it's way to be comming a popular place to visit on the net for lawnmower discussion.
Good decision Brad!

I'm pleased to see you being promoted, Mark777 and Mark / Ohio, it shows that this forum is growing! I'd also like to thank you for the work you've put in here at MLMF.:)
Thank you, gentleman!

It's always an honor to work with folks who pass along their knowledge and experience. It is the ultimate gift that truly goes on giving...(teach a man to fish and all that ;))

As Brad indicated, the staff here make it such a pleasure to attend and just read up on the daily discussions. I'm a reader for sure, and even at MTF many might consider my low post count as a member who doesn't participate enough. Honestly, not true. I believe in saying very little unless I'm needed. And, I'll do my best to help you whenever you need me or when Brad isn't available.

Mark (777)
Thanks guys!! I really do appreciate the support from both the staff and the members here. We really do have a nice group of friendly members here all the way around including the new folk arriving daily. :)

Now back to pressing all these new shinny buttons on my screen to see what they do. :D
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