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Solving a problem before it starts

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Good afternoon all-

Just bought a 1969 JD 110 with a plow blade on it, solely for the purpose of plowing my 1000-foot driveway... we live WAY back in the woods.

I am knowledgeable enough about motors and mistakes to do some pre-prep, like stabilizer in the gas, all fittings greased, sitting on a battery charger, even putting the chains on when it's 90 out so I don't have to do it when it's 30 out.

Anyway, I have never owned nor used a snowplow of any kind before. So, what would the experienced among you recommend I be prepared for? All the "how-to" snowplow links I could find were aimed at guys plowing out parking lots and shopping malls with F-350's, not my little JD.
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Wow, 1000' drive sounds like a tall order for any GT. That said, the 3 most important things are going to be traction, traction, and traction. If you don't already have any, get some rear suitcase, or wheel weights, possibly both, to go with the tire chains. I ran 4, 42# suitcase weights on a CC 2185 with chains pushing a 40" blower years ago for my 300' driveway. Never had any traction issues despite my living in upstate NY. Can you say "lake effect snow"?

What sort of snowfalls do you get where you live? With a small plow, you may have to hit the drive a few times during a storm while the depth is only a few inches, rather than waiting until it's over.
Thanks, Dbear!

The GT came with wheel weights already, but adding some suitcases couldn't hurt, I guess.

I kind of figured that plowing 3" of snow 4 times would be better than trying to plow 12" once. I also don't have any illusions that this little GT is gonna handle a Snowmageddon monster.

I also figured that plowing kind of crossways across the drive (10' wide) is better than trying to push a big pile out to the street?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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