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Snapper V212P4 idler spring, pulley, belt

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Will someone please post a picture or pictures of how the idler pulley engages with the engine belt of this particular model and how the idler spring provides the needed tension? I got this mower used and the belt was slipping so the drive disc was only spinning occasionally. The idler spring was broken also so I bought a new belt and spring. However, I'm not even sure the previous owner even routed the belt properly. I really need to see how the idler spring provides tension. I feel kind of silly because I can't figure it out. Please help. I've looked all over the internet and I can't even find a photo of the underside of the V212P4 Snapper self-propelled mower. Thanks.
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Welcome to the forum pamnsam94! :howdy:

Checkout starting page 9 of this manual. Not a actual photo but shows some of the routing.

Snapper Walk Behind Mowers Service Manual |
Thanks, but I've looked at that manual before and it doesn't show the particular idler spring that it used on the Snapper V212P4. I need to know how the idler spring attaches and how it provides tension on the belt. For the life of me, I can't figure it out. One end of the spring has a U-shape that I'm assuming must attach to something but I can't figure it out. I also want to see how the belt is routed so I can see how the idler pulley engages with the belt.
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