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snapper riding mower wont start

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Hi I have a Snapper riding mower model SR 930, And the last time I useed it the link holding the deck on broke and the mower stopped, think the blade might have hit the ground. When i tried to restart it the pull start would not come out, so I removed it and the flywheel was stuck, after moving ti back and forth it freed up, so i reinstalled the pull start cover, but when i pull it to start it feels like it has no resistance on it. the flywheel is turning but it wont start. is the engine shot or when the deck fell did it mess up the flywheel. any help would be apperciated. its a 9hp engine. if i need a new engine would a 5.5 hp predator model from harbor frieght work on it. Thanks in advance Tim
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First off, Welcome to MLF Tim!

Sounds like you may have sheared the key on the flywheel. Does the engine turn underneath? Have someone pull the cord for you while you look underneath to see if the drive pulley attached to the engine turns, if it does not you may have sheared the key on the flywheel.

Try that out first and we'll go from there
Snapper riding mower wont start

I checked and the pulley attatched to the engine does turn when the rope is pulled, so If its not the flywheel key what might it be. Thanks for all the help.
It is possible that the key still could of sheared but the flywheel is still tight enough to turn the engine over. You would have to take the main bolt off the flywheel and you should be able to look down the key way and see if it is lined up. The key may even be visible. This way you know for sure. If that checks out, I would check for compression on the cylinder to make sure you did not break a connecting rod. You mentioned there was no resistance when you pulled the starter cord.
The reason I say this is you said you had to work the flywheel loose by turning it back and forth. By doing that you may have pushed the piston and rod out of the way and now there is no resistance.
You could also remove the spark plug and shine a flash light inside to see if the piston is moving while you have some one pull the starter cord while you are checking for compression. Let me know how that works out.
Snapper riding mower wont start

I pulled the spark plug and the pston is moving back and forth, what is the next step. do i need to pull the pulley off the engine shaft and check the key, is this correct. sorry for all the questions this is my first riding mower. so it sounds like to me its the flywheel key than. Thanks again Tim.
You may be able to see the key by taking the main bolt off the flywheel and just look down where the flywheel seats on the crank. You should be able to see the key and if everything lines up. If you can't you may need to pull the flywheel.

A lot of things can happen when an engine is stopped abruptly so you have to look at all the weakest spots first or places that are designed to fail to prevent catastrophic damage to the main components.
Let me know how that turns out.
Snapper riding mower wont start

so just tio be sure, i need to remove the pull start cover and the wire grill underneath, then i need to look for the key or pull the flywheel off the top of the engine. Is this the correct way, I am sorry never had to mess with the flywheel, just want to make sure I am doing it correctly. Thanks Tim
Yes, cover, cowl, screen, then the big bolt in the middle of the flywheel. You should be able to see it then. Sometimes an impact wrench will take the bolt off with out useing a strap wrench to hold the flywheel. You wiil need one to hold the flywheel when you re-install the bolt so you can torque it to specs though.
Be careful not to break any fins off of the flywheel.
Snapper riding mower wont start

I pulled the cover and screen off earlier and all i see is the shaft full the pull start, anm i missing something, not really messed with flywheels to much. Any help would be apperciated, Thanks Tim
Have you removed the large bolt in the center of the flywheel?

What is the model# type# and code# off of your engine? Should be on the cowl/shroud

Also the model# off of your Snapper should be something like "000000BE"
Snapper riding mower wont start

Sorry for all the trouble, will get those models numbers and numbers for you asap. Thank you for all the help will take a pic too. Thanks Tim
No problem, take a look at this link when you get a chance,

Small Engine Flywheels - What They Are and What They Do

This is a good one too if it comes down to it,
Snapper riding mower wont start

Hi the engine model number is 28A707. The engine type is 012202. The cosde is 95051740. the serial number is 55194906. the model number is 300914BE. I hope this help and thank you for all the help


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Snapper riding mower wont start

Hi again got it to this point can see the keyway , I am thinking i need a puller to kget the flywheel off. Is this correct. Thanks again for all your help, Tim.


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Good news, you have located your least the main one for now. Your key is sheared, look at the photo:

Wheel Tire Locking hubs Vehicle brake Light

The yellow arrow is pointing at the sheared key in the crank, the blue arrow at the keyway in the flywheel. your flywheel is @ 160 degrees out.

You will need to use a puller to pull your flywheel and replace the key. That link I gave you shows you how to pull it. Let me know how it goes.
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Snapper riding mower wont start

Thanks for the help, didint have a bolt to take oof, which is what was throwing me off. All i took off was the starter clutch. One more question will a regular steering wheel puller work or do I need a briggs and stratton speciality tool. Do you think any damage was done besides the key. Thanks for all the help Tim:welcome:
Yes, I believe you can effectively use a steering wheel puller. Just make sure the center of your puller does not get driven into the center of the crank and strip the threads or just get wedged in the hole. Chances are it won't take much pressure to pop the flywheel off as it has already spun to shear the key.

Can't really say if there is more damage or not, I'd would guess not, being that is the purpose of that key, to provide a weak point so your crank shaft doesn't shear, break, bend etc.
It is also there to provide a positive fixed spot to make sure the fly wheel is installed and aligned for the correct timing of your engine.
You should be able to get that part (key) at any local mower shop for a couple bucks.
Let us know how it turns out Tim.
One more thing, I would check the blade and mounting points (spindle) for damage as you may have bent your blade.
Great help on your problem solving "Five Points". The picture pretty much solved it up to this point. Now to see what happens after the key gets replaced. Let us know.
Thank you, and for Tims sake I hope thats it and he can get back to mowing! :)
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