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Snapper looses power when hot

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I have a snapper that looses power once it gets hot. I have cleaned and adjusted the carb. Replaced/flushed oil. And made sure gas cap is venting. It is a 8hp techumsee. It seems a little hard to start when cold. But one I get it running. It runs great for the first 10 mins or so. Then slowly loses power. I also have noticed that when running the high speed needle nothing ever changes. But it seems to sound and run fine. I just was trying to fine tune it just incase. But nothing happens. Sounds the same no matter all the way in or out. I also removed the inline fuel filter just incase. But that didn't change the power issue. When I hit any thick grass. I have to stop the mower and let it catch up. And seems to take for ever. When blade is not engaged it seems to run ok. But like I said when it gets really warm. The engine just losses power and eventually I park it and kill it. Then I can't start it up. It will fire. And try but it won't run. Until its cooled off..
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This snapper was given to me. And would not start at all until I cleaned the carb. And adjusted the low speed needle. So I don't know what it's been through. But seems to be in really good shape for being an 83 model. Only thing I have not done is checked the spark plug. Guess I should do that before posting. But I didn't think about it since it seems to purr like a kitten for about 10 mins..
Update. Pulled plug. And it has nice blue spark. A little wet and black. I'm thinking wet and black is a good thing? Lol.. I'm being serious but does sound funny.. Ha ha Plug,wet and black..all in one post. I covered it all.. Lol;-)

sounds as though you've checked the basics. my next thought would pull the flywheel and check the shaft key is not partly sheared. good luck.
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