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Snapper find, Comet too!

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I just wanted to share this with anyone who likes Snappers or just rear engine riders!

This is what I've picked up recently...

Two Comets, 1 series 5, 1 series 3, 1 series ? 4 or 5, and a Sears Roto Spader.
All saved from the scrapper, PO gave me a great deal, everything for $120.00

I think the best part is that I got everything in one place. I could of spent that much in gas alone just trying to find a couple of them.

I get to add these to my collection which consists of "1" series 5 that was given to me by a buddy of mine :)
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I only have 1 neighbor that is close (@500 ft from the garage) and the house is abandoned for now. Its a little difficult because I can be a bit of a neat freak but I like collecting too. ;) I keep everything under a canopy on the side of my garage. Whats not there is covered with a tarp or in the garage if it is approaching its turn to be worked on. The term "Back Burner" can't apply because i don't have a stove big enough. :ThumbUp:
I especially like that tiller, that is pretty neat.
Its a Sears Roto Spader. I'm not sure but it may even attach to the back of a mower. I need to find some specific info on that model before I do anything with it.
I know where one is sitting, don't know if the owner will let it go though. Same place I got these from. :ThumbUp:
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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