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After a good amount of research (much of it here) I have decided to purchase the subject rider. Our lawn is relatively small, but I have a health issue that is more rapidly than I'd like impeding my ability to walk behind my present Toro 22" Personal Pace grass chewer. The Snapper seems a good choice for many reasons - but since I haven't written the check yet, feel free to chime in to tell me why I should or should not buy it.

Also, I'm not real interested in government regulations protecting me from myself. How will I undo the safety switch on the seat and the one that causes the blade to stop when shifted into reverse ;). I believe that I've read here that the switches close to ground the coil - is there just one central junction from which wires can be disconnected? Or has big brother seen to it that I'll have to be more creative.

Your comments are solicited.

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