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Hello all,
I’m brand new here but came to tap your brains for specific info.
I currently have this small, worn out, MTD rear engine, 10.5 hp, 30” deck machine I use just for pulling my 5 1/2’ X 9’ steel yard trailer. I believe it’s an early to mid 90’s machine.
It has served me well for 18 years pulling this big trailer with sometimes a half yard of sand, loaded with wet sod, hundreds of bricks, etc. I like that it has a sharp turning radius and doesn’t take up much room.
I’m looking to replace it with a used unit.
My local lawnmower repair place says that they haven’t made mowers with a good, durable belt drive for many years.
What does he mean? What kind of drive am I looking for? Do I look for one with minimal pulleys? I’m afraid of hydrostatic for its durability. Looks like a Snapper disc drive system would not work well for me.
Any advice?
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