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Simplicity regent traction

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At the end of last season (2011) I bought a new Simplicity Regent 22/44 lawn tractor. I like the mower very much, especially the power and low turning radius. But there are two things that are annoying:

1. The reverse speed is painfully slow
2. The lawn mower lacks traction even on dry grass.

Is there anything that can be done about the second problem? This is really costing me time and tearing up my yard. I am yet to come up with a solution. It seems to be a real drawback to this mower. Wheel slippage occurs often on level ground with dips and almost always on the slightest of grades. Can I buy better tires for this model? How much? Recommendations on brand and source? Thanks.
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Welcome to the site, Wolfgang! :)

Regarding the slow reverse speed, has this been something that it has always done since day one of ownership or is it something that it recently started doing? If it's something that it has always done, it sounds like it may simply be how it was designed. On the other hand if it recently just started doing it, it may be something within the hydro itself not building pressure or an adjustment that could be made in the linkage.

When it comes to extra traction, I would recommend either AG tires or an All Terrain based tire. The AG tires will however tear up the lawn quicker if you encounter any wheel spin. Other options to consider as well are wheel weights and also filling the tires with a non corrosive substance.

Another place to check that has more folks with these machines is our big brother site, MTF. Here is the link to the Simplicity section. Simplicity/Allis Chalmers Forum - - The Friendliest Tractor Forum and Best Place for Tractor Information

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Thanks Austen

The slow reverse speed is a design component I am sure. It has done this from the beginning and I believe it is probably a safety feature. Thanks for the information on the tires. I think, by the way, that the reason there is so much tire spin is the rollers on the Simplicity tractors which cause a lot of drag on the tractor IMO. I like the idea of filling the tires with a non-corrosive substance.
.... I think, by the way, that the reason there is so much tire spin is the rollers on the Simplicity tractors which cause a lot of drag on the tractor IMO....
I think your on to something there. My old Jacobsen had a deck not with rollers but two small wheels that followed the contour of the ground. I could hang it up pretty easy on the front yard slope when wet. If I raised the deck a little lifting the wheels off the ground I could start moving again. My current Deere which has deck wheels but they only touch to avoid scalping has better traction. I think the reason is that half the weight of the deck is always on the drive wheels compared to tractors with the deck weight directly on the ground.
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