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Service manual for Lawn Prince 18

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Hello Everyone, I have a oldish lawn prince 18.

Lawn Prince 18" 64D18 28188 1963

It has been in my family for quite a while.. I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a service manual. It is working or was last time I used it about 8 years ago. I was thinking it should get a little love this spring. So oil change and I would like to sharpen the reel blades.

Thanks for any help

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Jacobsen Textron does have some manuals for the older Jakes in their archives. They were very helpful in sending me a couple of pdf's for two that I have. Email them with the name, serial number and what you're looking for, and perhaps they'll have one for you.

Jacobsen and Ransomes Jacobsen - Renowned for Turf Maintenance Solutions

We'd like to see a picture or two of your mower if you have any.
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