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I have a Craftsman #917.377200 Ez3 Lawnmower. I am the original owner purchased it in 1998 I believe, and have been trying to keep this running but every year I have to do something to get it going . Last year I had issues with the self propell unit. I replaced the belt as it was stretched. I replaced the front wheels as they were bald. During the last mow of the season I heard some metal grinding. I stopped the propelling motion and the noise went away. I decide to look into it after the winter and see what I needed to do. I cleaned it up...gave it some fresh gas and 2 pulls it started then sputtered out....No problem...carb needs a cleaning I figure. I took off both front wheels so I could turn the sprockets. In one of the wheels I found bits of metal and some ball bearings wedged into the teeth of the wheel of the left front side.
I am able to turn the axle both directions with the drive cable disengaged. I dont want to replace the wheel if its only going to blow it apart again. I have never opened the tranny but willing to give it a go if need be...... Not sure which way to go next.
I am thinking that the mower has been decent enough to fix every year but I am starting to think of a Honda.

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Hi Marc, welcome to the site! :)

Yeah, from the sounds of it, it seems as though your mower is ready to be replaced. Parts to fix it would be fairly expensive (parts and labor would be getting near the cost of buying a new mower) and I think purchasing a a new machine would be the better way to go in this case.

Honda would be a great choice. They are more on the expensive side of things when it comes to lawnmowers, but you get your moneys worth by far. They are very reliable, long lasting mowers that you cannot go wrong with. They are kind of that mower you buy and never have to buy another again. I highly recommend them.

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Hi Marc, welcome to MLMF.

It can be a tough call as to wether to put money into an older machine, or retire it and buy new. Only you can be the judge of that. Often times you find that the parts are worth more than the whole, and it seems you get one thing fixed, and another breaks.

Honda mowers are very fine machines. They are my personal pick, so I'll admit that I'm biased.

I've also had experience with other brands of mowers and engines, and have to say there are other machines that are very good too. If it seems that the old Craftsman is about to give up the ghost, now might be a good time to do a little comparative shopping.
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