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Seat Repair - Foam Separating from Base

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I've searched but can't seem to find what i thought would be an easy thing to find on the internet. The foam portion of my JD seat(Milsco Brand) is completely separated from the hard plastic seat pan. It looks like some sort of hot hot was used in the manufacturing process to hold the edges of the foam to the pan. Has anyone found a fix or DIY to repair?? Im assuming this is common as my last JD did the same thing(not sure if it was Milsco seat or not).

FWIW: 2005 JD GX335
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Yellow Duck Tape color matchs and lasts 3 to 6 monthes. That is the best unless you spring for a new cover or seat ffrom JD. Roger
JD seat

This is just curiosity on my part, not any constructive advice. I am a big JD fan and always have been. We have always had JD equipment in the family. They have always been very reliable and tough as can be. My question: why has JD never, and I mean never, been able to build a seat that doesn't rip or fall apart? We still have our 1977 68 RER, the only thing that has ever fallen apart is the seat. Maybe I am the only one that has pondered this matter. :confused:
JD doesn't build seats they buy them from the lowest bidder that meets the minimum requirements. They also seem to change vendors fairly often. They also because of this sell a lot of replacement seats. Roger
Hooks.......I agree man.....this is my second "real" John Deere(dealer model anyway) and they BOTH have failed in the seat department. My dads.....older 170 i think it was had a metal seat "pan" and that seat stayed attached to the eventually split but it was used and abused pretty bad over the years.

The current seat in question has been babied, might have got wet once or twice during a bath and garage kept. No real excuse....pan looks perfect! Yellow seat itself looks great except for completely pulled away from pan.

I have ordered some HH-66 vinyl cement. We will see how it works.
If it doesn't...... I'll get an after market northern tool or the like look-alike and be done with it. heres my update.
The HH-66 came in.....i didn't even try it. It has consistancy of water, so I think too thin for what im doing.
I used some loctite construction adhesive(in caulk style tube) I had in the shop.
Word of advice......where mine was glued only along the edges.....I glued edges and in the "middle" of the seat for more contact area of the glue.
Also....put glue on black plastic base.....not yellow foam.....makes it not so messy. I did bottom to where curve up the back begins......then sat on it for 10 minutes and played games on phone. Let it sit a day or so.
Did the can pry the seat away from black plastic enough to get the adhesive squirted in. I used bungy cords to hold the two pieces together this time. Let it sit for a few days. Seems good as new.
Thanks for reporting back what you found and keep us posted over time as to how it holds up. :cool

I'm sure you won't be the last person around here to have this problem. ;)
I have to agree, that green company needs to work on their gluing techniques.:soap:

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This seat is a newer seat and has always been kept in my garage and is a "genuine" JD part.

We have a new compact gator at work we use as a helicopter tug that stays in the hanger and the same thing happened to it. We used Gorilla Glue and so far it has worked nicely.:cool
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Just for clarification... John Deere doesn't make there own seats. It's subbed out to a seat manufacture in Michigan. But you would think they would have stricter quality requirements.
Yup, they are willing to slap their name on it, they own the reputation of quality that comes with the product!
Yup, they are willing to slap their name on it, they own the reputation of quality that comes with the product!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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