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Hi Mark,
This is Doc. You suggested checking for a broke shear pin for my problem, and I appreciated your in put. WEll, I took the transaxle out of the garden tractor, and split the case, didn't see any kind of wear on anything in there, and to be honest, was surprised because it's a 2001 model that I had since 2001, mowed, and rolled with 900 pounder, plowed deep snow, really put this thing through it's paces, and nothing wore out. It was a job taking the transaxle out, am glad I have a chainfall to lift the frame with, wheel weights, wheels, off they go, and slid a floor jack under the trans, and unbolted the trans, the rear cover plate with a hitch hole, the brake assembly, disconnected the shifter link, easy one there, split the case which was heavy piece for my light weight, and trying to work on that and keep it balanced and propped because the axles don't come out, you have to take them out ofthe trans, after you split the case because they have a splined shaft with a c clip holding a differential gear on each of their ends. The c- clips are accessible with your eyes only, the differential pinion gears surround everything, and you can barely see them. So I looked at evrything for about an hour, took a few gears out, so I could see more of what I couldn't see, and was convinced nothing damaged in there anywhere. I quit at about 11PM last night. I have a kerosene salamander in the garage, and I will go to church on Sunday and thank God for that invention, it has been below 10 degrees here in Michigan all week so far. Today I put everything back together, because I callled the few repair shops in my area, a 100 mile radius, and nobody could say what is wrong, and can't get to looking at it for at least 2 weeks to check it out. After I got it all back together, I put fresh 30 weight in, what it calls for, even the old oil wasn't dirty, I change it yearly, cheap insurance, started it up, checked the gears, and had it on higher idle after it warmed up, and when I took my foot off the brake, THE CHAINS ON BOTH REAR TIRES LEFT SPINNING MARKS ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR IN THE GARAGE. Another reason to go to church this Sunday and be thankful. I don't know what is going on but it that is the way it would run since I had it new. I would cut trees down, and pull them with a chain out back, and if they were too heavy I would leave a 2 wheeled rut in the grass when I lost traction, so I knew before this happened a long time ago I had 2 wheel traction, but when I called a couple places they said oh when one wheel loses traction the other gets traction, otherwise you wouldn't be able to turn, I told them I realize that, but the left wheel wouldn't get power to it when the right wheel would spin on snow, them you take a nap on the phone waiting for that statement to get a reply from the guy, and then get told well we can't get to it for 2 weeks. LOL I had a lot of views, but only you replied and offered some help, which I appreciate. I ust wanted to fill you in what happened, after I put all back together, I got a education, of what it looks like in there, and it was pretty cool to see all the machined gears, and things and see how some body was able to figure out how to make something like that work. BUT, I am at a disadvantage healthwise, with congestive heart disease, asthma, and arthritis, so I couldn't do this everyday like younger and healthier folks. I lived a good life andhave been lucky to survive a few tours in the Nam as Marine, and have a great wife, but couldn't lend a hand because she just finished with 2 surgeries, chemo, and radiation during the whole year for colon and lung cancer, and is now in remission, but weak and recovering. We only have one life, gotta enjoy it while we can, and have to take something apart once in awhile, and hope for the best. Thanks again for trying to help me out Mark, I hope you and yours, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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Good to hear it is working Doc! I don't know if there could be some sort of automatic limited slip setup built into that like on some cars and trucks or not. On tractors the only thing I've heard about was a locking rear end that was manually activated. Either way no point in worrying about it now unless the problem returns. :D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you sir and thank you for your service to our country! :)
Good job, and thanks for posting your project. Happy Holidays to you and yours.
Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.
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