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Scotts riding mower will not start

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We bought and installed a new battery. This did not help. Then we took the starter selenoid and had it tested and mechanic says its fine. Please help with any suggestions of what to check next. Thanks so much. p.s. At the recommendation of a mechanic, we bypassed the battery and jumped it off by connecting straight to the starter. This worked a couple of times but now it just doesn't seem to get enough juice.
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Also, check your battery connections, which are probably OK with a new battery. Check the black (ground) wire that runs from the battery to the frame of the machine. Where it connects to the tractor can get rusty or corroded a bit. A little sandpaper right there and on the cable itself would not hurt a thing.

Let us know!
OK, try this. As long as the battery is charged, take 1 side of your jumper cable (both black or both red, doesn't matter). Be sure it is in neutral and the blades are not turned on. Put 1 side of the cable on 1 side of the solenoid (the big post) and put the other end of the cable on the other side of the solenoid (other big post). You are going to make a few sparks when you do this. The engine should immediately turn and should start. That will give some more input as to the problem.

When you turn the key to "start", that is when you are hearing the click, correct? And you will get a click every time you turn it to start?
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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