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Scotts riding mower will not start

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We bought and installed a new battery. This did not help. Then we took the starter selenoid and had it tested and mechanic says its fine. Please help with any suggestions of what to check next. Thanks so much. p.s. At the recommendation of a mechanic, we bypassed the battery and jumped it off by connecting straight to the starter. This worked a couple of times but now it just doesn't seem to get enough juice.
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I will try that first thing in the morning. Thanks so much. The mechanic who checked the starter told my husband that it could be the valves in the engine need adjusting or are completely broken. I wondered if it could have something to do with safety features. I have always had to be sure that the lever that engages the blade is just so or it wouldnt start. But now no matter how many times I adjust is to no avail.
I have read several posts that talk about fuses blowing. Unfortunately I have no idea WHERE a fuse could be on this mower. Help me please. It is a Scotts 17 HP made by John Deere if that helps.
Okay, tried charging battery, checked all cable connections. Still nothing. When you turn the key you do hear 1 click in the engine.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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