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Scag mower engage safety switch is reversed

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I have a Scag zero turn 52 Advantage mower model#SWZ52A-17KA and Ser#7390300. When the mower is running and you are holding down the silver mower egagement safety handles the mower blade should stay engaged and when they are released the blades should disengage for saftey. However that is not the case, it is reveresed, when you depress the silver handles to engage the blades and mow, the blades shut off. I replaced the switch under the console but theat didnt change anything. The mower was working fine, this happened all of a sudden. Thanks for any info
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Welcome to the forum psd76! I'll see if I can locate a diagram to see what I can come up with. Someone may jump in sooner with a quicker response.
Has anyone done anything with the mower recently? That is an odd problem to of swapped function on its own.
Well, just an update, I have a wiring diagram for you if you want to chase the wires to assure you have everything where they belong.
View attachment SCAG Wiring Harness SWZ.pdf
Hopefully this will give you a starting point.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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