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RZT50 Hydrostatic Fill Hole Access

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I changed the fluid in my Z-Turn by removing the transmission, turning it over to drain it, installing new 20W-50 oil and re-installing. It wasn't a bad job after I figured it out. I wanted to see if the oil was still full after purging so I drilled a 1.75" hole into the frame just above the fill cap to access the fill plug. This works really well. I can now access the fill plug with an allen wrench and it needed can siphon the oil out next time instead of removing the transmission. BTW, my unit did NOT need additional oil after purging.
I passed this idea on to Cub Cadet who thought it would be a good upgrade to future frames.


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Excellent! Thanks for joining us and passing that great information along.

Great that the company thought your idea was a good one. I suspect a lot of product improvements come as a result of the consumer finding a better way, just like you did.
Hello, bdeis61159 and Welcome to MLF! :howdy:

I am one of those that always appreciate anyone who's figured out ways around design engineers short-sided bean counting.

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That is a simple neat idea that a lot of folks do not think about, glad you posted it. :2th: I've seen that idea used in the automotive field in the front end area for reaching shocks/struts bolts and other hidden accessed items. Some ZTR Cubs have a hole like that to include a vent tube assy that sticks up. Does your Cub have a venting system?
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