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Problems, it's at a Certified Cub Cadet repair shop.

He has had the mower off and on for almost 4 months now. I have managed at the most it seems maybe 2 hours of cut time between bringing it back and forth to this shop.

First off, PTO berring locked up, PTO was just spinning. New one was ordered and installed per Certified Cub Cadet mechanic.
Within 10 minutes or so, the new PTO burned up. Apparant short in wiring per Cub Cadet parts dept, where I ordered that part. Then they said, wait, thats the wrong PTO we sent to you.

So, they sent another one to me, said the first one was the wrong part.
That part came to me, looked much different, called the ordering dept, they said this one was incorrect, that the first one was the right one.
They sent another one. Like the first one. That one burned up also.

Mechanic shop said no way it's a short in wiring, the parts are inferior. That sort of thing.

Anyways, last year, for ten weeks the mower is in and out of the shop. I managed possibly an hour total of cut time, the remaining time was in the shop. Last use lasted around 1.5 hours.

This year, took the mower out of the garage, started cutting my lawn. Within 3 minutes, pto stopped operating, drove mower to garage, noticed the pto was hanging under the mower, it had fallen off, no bolt holding it in place.
Took to Certified Cub Cadet mechanic once again, told him it fell off. He said well it lasted from last fix till now right. I said last fix I used it 1.5 hours then put in garage, winter time right, no cutting took place. Explained to him, lasted 3 minutes first cut this year and fell off.

Next day, he had it ready. He said it won't come off again that he put two lock washers on it to hold it on. Took it home, within 3/10 of an hour per mower clock timer the pto stopped again.
Took it back to him. The mower now would not even start. The part did not fall off this time, but was locked up. The motor could not turn over to start.

This go round has been over 4 weeks now.

Finally he got a new pto and installed it. The other one locked up. So I went and got it from him once again. Cut grass for around 30 minutes, pto stopped again. Shut the machine down right when it did so, looked under the mower, pto hanging there once again, fell off once again.

Took it back to him, bolt is broken. Will need to drill and tap it out.

I am frustrated. Going on 4 months dealing with one pto. One Certified Cub Cadet mechanic. He says he is a Certified Cub Cadet mechanic.

Total lost time and money now exceeds the total cost of the initial purchase price I paid for the mower.

Totally frustrated indeed, I am.

Anyone have any thoughts?
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