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RYOBI 31cc string trimmer-Model 700r

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One of the men at church gave Me this string trimmer because the head flew off while He was triming. I but the head back on ok, I pull the crank rope it all most cranked,so I pulled again,the little sucker missfired (kickback) tryed to jerk My arm off.I hope everbody is laughing,it is comical how the thing jumped up at Me.
OK! I need advice as to what happened & how do I fix it or just junk it.
OH? Need to know where I can download a FREE owner & parts manual.

Thanks and enjoy Life
One trip is all We get
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Here's a site with the owners manual for your trimmer for free download:

Ryobi Gas Trimmer Operator's Manual for the 700r | ManualsOnline

Hope you can get the problem resolved!:)
I hope that I am puting this note in the correct place for the RYOBI string trimmer.I got it tore down & the top piston ring is broke.
So I intend to use it for parts sence I have Two troybilt weedeaters and it looks the same carborator & all. If it was a straight shaft I probably would fix it.
I got the manual downloaded also.Thanks Wayne 195
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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