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:welcome: to MLF, Roaddog!

I think breaking things is all part of the learning process. You learn from it and know what to do or what not to do for the next time.

That's neat you took a small engine repair class, I bet that it was very interesting and informational! Did they have you "dissect" an engine and tear it a part and reassemble it?

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Hi roaddog, and welcome to MLMF. Pretty neat that you took a small engine class. I wish I could find one around my neck of the woods.

Yep, it does seem like breaking things is on the learning curve somewhere. But as long as nothing on your body are among the things getting broke, you're good.:cool

Hope to hear more about that class and what they covered.

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yes, dissecting a motor was the second was a brand new or rather never used motor. We took turns taking it off parts. I watched a more experienced guy with a whole lot more tools than I use the compression ring tool etc.
third class we did the same with a two cycle engine.
Primarily I am learning from others and their stories. One guy puts screws and bolts from one piece into a ziplock. Another photographs often during breakdown to recall placement.
I have a retired navy lady doing small engine repair over the next block and I stopped in and spoke with her about fuel lines. She showed me her formica sketch pad.
I am half way through the course and troubleshooting is next week. Maybe taking this as my project piece.
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