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I want to ask for some help please.
Riding mower 917.273351 16HP 6 speed
Engine 31c7070230e1

First, bought this Craftsman LT 1000 for $100, body and deck are in great shape.
Two problems
1 starter will not pop up and engage the flywheel. I have to push it up with a screwdriver to attempt starting.
2 it will crank and run, but will only stay running if I continually spray starting fluid. Nikki carb, not sure of the model number.
I removed the carb and fuel solenoid, but could not get the bowl off, not rusted, but the screws we so tight I was afraid of stripping them. I sprayed all passages I could get to with carb cleaner.

Can you please give me some tips on where to start?
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