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Replacing fuel line?

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Noticed when changing out the fuel filter...the fuel line was cracking. Wasn't leaking any fuel, but is showing signs of deteriation. Unfortunately it's the long end of the line which leads all the way to the tank.

Is it normal for the line to have the outer part cracking...hoping to hold off replacing since the job obviously won't be a fun one.

If needed to replace...does anyone have some good pointers for easing the pain. (not sure if there is a fuel cutoff)

John Deere LT150
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Yeah, it's pretty normal after many years for the rubber lines to break down and begin cracking.

Mine were pretty bad on my STX, probably the originals and replaced those a couple of years back. Just takes a little time to thread it up and under the tank and all. Helps if you loosen up the tank so that you can prop it up to make running the line under and connecting it up easier.
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